Box jellyfish alert issued by Prefecture

Okinawa Prefecture has issued an island wide Box jellyfish alert, effective June 1st.

The box jellyfish, known in Japanese as the Habu Kurage, is believed to now pose an increased threat as the summer swimming season gets into full swing. The alert will run through Sep. 30th. During early June, the box jellyfish quickly matures to a size where its sting can cause danger to the human body.

Okinawa Prefecture says there were 243 reported cases of injury by way of dangerous sea life on Okinawa last year. Of those 243 cases, approximately 85 cases were due to box jellyfish stings.

In order to prevent being stung, the prefecture recommends 1) swimming inside areas protected by jellyfish nets, 2) avoid exposing your skin and 3) taking a bottle of vinegar with you when going swimming. The prefecture advises that if you are stung by a box jellyfish, 1) stay calm, get out of the water, try not to move too much and seek help immediately. 2) Do not scrub or rub the affected area, pour vinegar on it carefully removing the tentacles, and 3) cool the affected area with ice or cold water. Always remember to seek medical treatment

14:49 29 May , 2024