Construction of monorail extension to start in November

Okinawa Monorail Extension Field Office has been opened in the Maeda district of Urasoe City, June 13, which is the planned final destination of the Monorail extension project.

Currently, the Okinawa Monorail ends in Shuri Station in Shuri. The line is scheduled to extend to Maeda Station, including three new stations along it. The extension is scheduled to start operating in 2019, with the construction starting in November this year.

The land acquisition at the Ishimine area for the first new station on the line, is complete, but the purchase of some parts of the other three station sites are not completed yet. The office will start negotiations with landowners to buy the land, and at the same time to start removing soil at the sites where structures are to be built.

The construction will start on Shuri – Ishimine and Kyouzuka – Maeda portions of the line first, and continue on other areas later. The extension project is expected to cost ¥35 billion, of which ¥23.1 billion will be supported by a government subsidy. Naha and Urasoe cities will take care of building support pillars and basic construction of the stations. Okinawa Monorail Company will pay the rest of the ¥11.9 billion, which will be used for constructing electrical power structures and the stations’ interiors.

19:47 16 Apr , 2024