Couple arrested for selling fake brand name goods

Okinawa Prefecture Police arrested a Chinese couple living in Tomigusuku City, June 20, on suspicion of selling fake brand name goods.

According to the police, the man has admitted to the suspicion, but the wife insisted that she didn’t cheat on people, and denies a part of the accusation.

They are accused of selling a fake brand name wallet to a woman from Aichi Prefecture through a net auction for ¥17,000. They were also arrested in a similar case for selling a fake brand name wallet to a man in Hokkaido on May 30.

A customs officer apprehended the couple at Naha Airport on April 26th when he found 76 fake brand name items in their possession. Police also confiscated another 47 items from their house and six other places. The fake brand name goods appear to have been made in China. There was a misspelling in Japanese in a descriptive pamphlet that they provided to customers when they sold the fakes, and one of the buyers became suspicious and asked for an appraisal of the item. It then was discovered that the item was a fake.

04:23 15 Jun , 2024