June 27 ~ July 3


It is very important that you show as much flexibility as possible at this time. Keeping an open mind usually brings good results, and maybe you can find a new, different way to reach your goals. The same goes with your love life. You will get the best results when you let everything to take its time and proceed in their own pace.


Your natural attractiveness is showing its power, and causes many people to seek your company. However, there is a certain relationship that requires someone else to help for it to work better. Someone is also missing a message you have tried to signal for some time. This weekend could bring the right answer to your dilemma.


Is one of your good friends perplexing you and even giving you a headache? Luckily the situation is starting to show signs of clearing up. Changes give you a good opportunity to clean the table, and your life is going to become easier as there will be less choices to be made. Someone is going to reveal a secret that could surprise you.


You could encounter a complete surprise this weekend that could stop you dead on your tracks. It’s not the solution you are looking for, but rather an explanation. Maybe you should have known this in advance, or trust your intuition more. You have to admit to some facts in order to get ahead. At the end, it’s as simple as that.


Some people who cannot make up their minds are irritating you, but you should understand that there are more important and pressing things in your life you should pay more attention to. You should concentrate on changes coming to your way at your work. Relax this weekend in the company of people who are important to you.


You should try to help others at this time, even if you are not likely to gain much appreciation for it. Rewards will materialize later this year. Just now many people are concentrating on their own wellbeing, and have little time for anything else. Be alert at your work, so you can recognize coming changes before they affect you.


You family and friends are voicing some demands on you. Some of them could be very minor, but it all still takes your time. You could also face a possibility to increase your income at your work. It could be in the form of a problem that others have no answer to. You should take charge, and resolve the situation as you have the means.


It’s impossible for you to impress everybody, and that is stressing you out. However, you should think whether you are putting too stringent demands on yourself. In order to find a good balance, you should plan ahead and delegate responsibility more. You could also postpone some tasks to next week when you have more time.


You have to postpone some of your plans because of your weak finances, and naturally that is getting under your skin. But sometimes you just have to be patient. Even if you are naturally quite creative, you can’t create money from nothing. Very likely you have to wait for the times to improve before making commitments.


It’s admirable that you want to help your friend who’s in a tight situation. However, you should think first what’s the best way for you to do something. Maybe another friend of yours has a plan that you haven’t thought about. You should not be bitter about this but learn. If you stay friendly, you can stay friends through the experience.


As you have now said good bye to one part of your life, there’s a change for better ahead. Maybe you don’t see it yet, but if you piece together your recent experiences, everything becomes clear little by little. Concentrate on building up your confidence, and use all of your skills and charms you can muster to move on.


The next few days could be problematic from time to time, and unforeseen things could happen. There’s not much you can do to change the situation, except to be patient. In order to move ahead the way you want, you have to take the lead, and not wait for others to act. But this weekend, enjoy the company of your lover and relax.

09:43 23 Jun , 2024