Ikei go-cart circuit to close end of this month

The Okinawa Circuit Ikei Island, a much loved venue for go-cart and motorcycle racers for 20 years is going to close at end of June.

The new owner of the hotel next to the circuit has asked to close facility, and intends to take over the land from July to use for other purposes. Many people will be missing the circuit. The last public run on the circuit is on the 23rd, and the last race will be held on the 30th of June.

The owner of the circuit, Yoshinori Takaesu says he feels sad as the circuit has to close. “I know there have been many bad boys who mended their ways after becoming involved in activities on this circuit. Now circuit lovers ask ‘where can we run after the circuit is gone?’ We really hope to preserve the circuit. They already are collecting signatures for a petition to preserve it.” Takaesu adds that he hopes to find another place to run in the near future.

04:18 15 Jun , 2024