Marines land Osprey on Japanese destroyer for first time ever

As a part of the on-going joint exercise of the U.S. Marines and the Japanese Self Defense Force that is taking place in California, a U.S. Marine Corps’ MV-22 Osprey aircraft is scheduled to land on the Japanese helicopter destroyer Hyuga, Friday at Naval Base San Diego. This is the first time ever that any U.S. military unit lands an osprey a Japanese ship.

The operation also requires some adjustments on behalf of the Japanese. According to Hyuga Captain Akihiko Tanabe, his ship crew had to make a special landing zone on the rear of the ship to accommodate the wingspan of the Osprey.

The on-going series of exercises called “Dawn Blitz 2013” is taking place in Southern California and involves the U.S. military and tropps from Japan, Canada and New Zealand. The exercises are aimed at enhancing the amphibious capabilities of participating militaries.


12:25 13 Jun , 2024