Naha Yui Yui Bus starts service

The opening ceremony for Naha’s new bus service called Yui Yui Bus was held at Naha Bus Terminal, June 1, and the new service started on same day right after the ceremony.

The Yui Yui bus runs a circular route in the Naha area with stops at Kainan, Shikina-en, Shuri castle, DFS, and other places with a total of 15 stops along the route. Especially, on the morning run, there is a professional guide riding the bus to explain the sights and destinations along the route.

After two years of demonstration and experiment rides by the Naha City government, the rights to run this business has been handed over to a bus company.

The Yui Yui Bus departs from No. 4 platform at Naha Bus Terminal at 20 to 25-minute intervals every day, 25 departures a day. One complete round trip takes about 75 minutes. The ride costs ¥220 for adults, ¥110 for children six to 12 years of age. Younger children ride free in the company of an adult. There’s also a ¥660 one day pass available (for kids ¥330) that allows an unlimited number of rides on that day.

Local commuters can also use the Yui Yui Bus ride, but organizers point out that there are much fewer bus stops than with a regular bus service, and urge regular riders to take a notice of that fact.

Yuko Kosuge, a bus guide on the service, says there are a many tourists who don’t know how to access sightseeing spots in Okinawa, and the Yui Yui service is a convenient way for them to reach the spots and ride between the spots. But locals are very welcome use the service, too, she adds.

14:49 29 May , 2024