Robbery attempt at Kadena convenience store

A would-be robber entered a convenience store in the Yara district of Kadena Town, about 3 a.m. on June 1, threatening the sole male sales clerk on duty with something the clerk described like a weapon, and demanding money.

However, instead of handing over money to the robber, the clerk ran into the office in the back of the store, at which point the would-be robber lost his nerve and opted for an exit without getting anything.

Kadena Police investigating the incident said that he robber asked the staff member to hand over the cash in the register, but the quick-thinking sales clerk slammed the register shut and rushed into the office and locked the door. The robber then took off empty-handed.

The clerk was not injured in the attempt and no customers were in the store at the time.

17:43 21 Apr , 2024