Woman found dead inside bakery shop in Yomitan

A relative of the owner of a bakery shop in Kina, Yomitan Village, called the police emergency number about 3 p.m. on June 12th, reporting that two people were lying down on the floor and unconscious in the bakery.  He also reported smelling gas inside the shop.

Kadena Police and Nirai Fire Department Rescue team responded to the scene, and found the owner of the bakery shop and his wife lying down inside of the shop. The wife who was in her 40’s, was found in cardiopulmonary arrest and confirmed dead on the scene, and the owner how’s in his 50’s was taken into a hospital conscious.

According to fire department officials, carbon monoxide was detected in the bakery. The wife was lying on the floor near the entrance, while the owner was found in front of the oven.

The bakery had been closed for the day, and police and fire department are still investigating the cause. The owner’s brother and his wife discovered the couple when they went to the shop for a visit. Investigators say the shop was locked from inside at the time.

00:37 03 Dec , 2023