50 junk cars burn in Haebaru

The Okinawa East Main Fire Department received a call from a worker at a junkyard reporting that a fire had broken out and junk cars were burning on the junkyard in the Yonaha district of Haebaru Town in the afternoon of July 24. Eight fire engines rushed to the scene and extinguished the fire after two hour.

According to the Okinawa East Fire Department, around 50 junk cars burned at the site, and one worker of the yard suffered burns on his hands. He was taken to a hospital, but his injuries are not life threatening.

The Fire Department and Yonabaru Police investigating the cause of the fire say a spark probably caused gasoline to catch fire when a worker preparing to drain gasoline from a junked car hooked up a pump to a battery.

The site is located near a residential area. Loud sounds were heard emitting from the area, and black smoke rising up was visible all the way to Naha and surrounding municipalities.

00:01 23 Jul , 2024