July 11 ~ 17


This is a good time to get ahead in many different fields in your life. As you have many projects going on, it is very important that you are well organized. A surprise romance could be ahead, although if may not be all it seems to be. But you should not let that disturb your joy. You should enjoy to the fullest of all the attention you get.


This is a very good time to plan something new, and even to daydream a little. Your imagination is running high, and your creativity is on the forefront. Someone who has lately caused a problem, is going to disappear from your life. You should make the best of this situation, and rid yourself from negative thoughts and head for the future.


Determination and energy are the driving forces in you life this time. When you catch the right mood, plenty of fresh ideas are going to pop up. Carefree atmosphere and cool people around are what you need to really shine. You should prepare yourself for a nice romantic surprise this weekend or right at the beginning of next week.


You will have many options to choose from ahead of you. In a matter of fact, there could be so many opportunities that a confusion would follow. It all would become easier if you ask a friend, who has more practical experience to help you to sort it out. Any really important decisions would be best to be postponed for a couple of weeks.


There’s a lot to do at your work, and overload is a real concern. Organization is of essence, and you should postpone everything you can, or delegate tasks to others whenever possible. But take into account that some people could try to use your quandary to their advantage. Avoid divulging any secrets in order not to reveal too much.


You social life is busy, and gives a reason to hope for a new close relationship. However, everything is not as it seems to be, so it’s better to keep your feet firmly to the ground when passions flame. Warming up an old relationship is not going to work, as some things are definitely not going to happen no matter how much you wish.


Planet Jupiter is affecting your zodiac for a few moths from now on, and that means that there will be several new opportunities opening up in front of you as long as you are awaken to notice. Use your people skills and put some effort in your future. Your relationships with other people are on a firm footing, and you should enjoy.


There are so many opportunities, and seemingly so little time to grab them all. Staying alert is the best way ahead. You should involve those who are the dearest to you more with your everyday life. They have much to give you, and at the same time, you could enjoy their support. You should enjoy their company as much as you can at this tim.


As you financial situation is going to improve, it opens up many new possibilities. You should try to take advantage of them. You know you can accomplish a lot if you make clear goals for yourself. There could be a disappointment regarding one of your friends. But that’ life. Maybe you should not expect so much from other people.


You should pay close attention to your spending habits, and try to save more. Strong influence of Planet Jupiter is giving your self-confidence a boost. Be ready to grab a new chance when it shows up early next week. An advice from a friend you got a few weeks ago, is going to prove to be quite significant this weekend.


You are facing a very lucky and romantic period. You will meet many people who can make you very happy, but you should also follow your inner feelings, as that would help you to clear your thoughts and true feelings. You should tell about your feelings to those who are close to your without forgetting that a degree of mystery is enticing.


You should turn your focus to your true self. Take a break to listen to the little voice inside you and your intuition. You should approach a complicated problem you are facing in a gradual step by step manner. A close friend who is familiar with your circumstances can help, especially in money matters, and get you ahead.

23:03 23 Jul , 2024