AEON Mall Kitanakagusuku to open in 2015

AEON Mall Kitanakagusuku is scheduled to open in 2015 on the former Awase Golf Course area that was returned to Okinawan landowners from the U.S. Military in 2010, according to AEON Mall President Soichi Okazaki. He announced the development schedule at an assembly meeting of the Awase Site Adjustment Association on June 29th.

The AEON Mall project is the key point of the Awase site development, and the AEON Mall Kitanakagusuku is going to be the biggest AEON-owned shopping complex in Okinawa.

The facility’s site area is 175,000 square meters, and its total floor area will be more than 100,000 square meters, including a multistory parking building with parking for more than 4,000 cars.

There are some AEON Town shopping malls in Okinawa already, but this kind of AEON Mall is the first of its kind in Okinawa. The plans call for installing shops like new and trendy fashion and brand stores and a large entertainment facility. The complex is planned to attract not only locals but foreigners, too. Masao Yoshimura, one of the commissioners of the association, says, “We hope the Awase project will boost the middle Okinawa area, of course, but also expect it to give a boost to the whole island of Okinawa.

23:02 25 Jul , 2024