American claiming to be U.S. military man arrested

The Naha police arrested a man, who claims to be a 34-year-old U.S. Air Force member named Michael Steven Jerald, Sunday, on suspicion of attacking a bar owner in the Matsuyama district of Naha City. Jerald is denying the accusation, and claims that he just tried to arbitrate a fight between the bar owner and another man, and for that reason pushed the bar owner on the back to separate the two.

The bar owner and Naha Police disagree. They say Jerald punched or kicked the 42-year-old owner of the bar, and gave him a bloody nose. According to Naha Police, Jerald came into the bar drunk just by himself, and there was no other man in the bar.

The bar owner had to seek hospital treatment, and was forced to take a few days off from work.

  • ewacloser

    Two day off for a bloddy nose? There has to be more to this, than that.

  • Dayne Griffith

    2daysoff????,what a bunch of ¥&@@@!k

  • bd30db

    Whole story completely false, lol. The bar owner was drunk and not the other guy. Nobody had a blood nose, lol. The bar owner signed statement saying no criminal act was done by the American and no charges should be pressed against him.

14:28 14 Jul , 2024