And this week’s winner is…

Aika Laman is the lucky winner of the Japan update raffle this week. She won a ¥2,500 meal ticket to the 50’s Café, an eatery located in Ishikawa area, at an ocean front between Camp Courtney and Ishikawa. The 50’s Café is considered by many to serve the best and tastiest burger meals on Okinawa. As the name indicates, it’s an Americana themed restaurant with plenty of authentic Hollywood and and small-town America decorations throughout.

Aika was born and raised in Okinawa. She lives in Nishihara, and calls her home island “The best place on the Earth!”

Her favorite local food is called “naabera” in local dialect, “hechima” in Japanese and is known as a sponge cucumber or luffa to English speakers. The vegetable is very popular in Okinawa, Southeast Asia and southern China, and when dried, is also used as a washing sponge.

Aika also appreciates the local culture, and loves to visit various events that take place here throughout the year.

Sometimes in the near future she would like to do some sightseeing elsewhere in Japan.

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13:02 14 Jul , 2024