And this week’s winner is…

Genesis Reeves won the Japan Update weekly raffle this week, and has a pair of tickets to Jimmy Onishi art exhibition that runs starting this Saturday through Sep. 1 at Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum. Jimmy Onishi is a comedian turned artist whose colorful paintings are wildly popular, although sometimes controversial, in Japan.

Genesis is from California, and has stayed on Okinawa three years. She is scheduled to leave the island in 2015. She says she’s really enjoying her life here. Some of her favorites include fried rice, iced apple tea, veggie tempura and fish. “I have a special affinity for Japanese chocolate. It’s light and silky, and at the same time very rich but not too sweet,” she says.

She also has a long list of other things of Okinawa she likes very much. “I like beaches here and the color of the water in the ocean. I love local people, my local church, and Zion Christian Academy,” she explains.

And before leaving she would like to visit as many islands in Okinawa as possible, see their beaches, and take a tour of the WWII battle sites.

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23:45 23 Jul , 2024