And this week’s winner is…

Winner of the JU raffle this week is Muneerah Bee, who won a free one-night stay at the Best Western Naha Inn hotel. The Best Western Naha Inn is conveniently located in the heart of Naha within an easy walking distance from the Saion Square and Kokusai Street shopping and entertainment area.

Muneerah is from Singapore, and on her second visit to Okinawa. She has been here about two and half months, and although she’s leaving soon, she says she’s sure to return. “My experience here has been really good, and I actually am hoping to live and work here in the near future,” she says.

Her favorite food here is sushi, but she adds “I really like beni-imo (sweet purple potato) flavored products. They are absolutely so yummy!”

In addition to the local food, she enjoys “the unique culture, beautiful beaches and fantastic sunsets, and before all, the fantastic local people I have met here during my visits.”
“As I’m interested in culture, I enjoy visiting the museums, and hope to visit all of them eventually. I also want to se more art and theater performances. I recently watched a kumiodori at the Okinawa National Theater, and really enjoyed it,” she says.

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23:53 22 Jul , 2024