Asbestos found in tower on Camp Courtney

Some workers renovating a residential tower on Camp Courtney may have been exposed to asbestos, a cancer causing substance that was used in the construction of buildings in the past. These workers may want to look into attorneys for asbestos cases  as their health could be effected.

Managers at the company doing the renovation said that they were not aware that asbestos was present in the building. Specialists normally remove any asbestos before any renovation work can be done in a building.

A spokesman for the prime contractor says that asbestos was detected after a subcontractor had completed their work, and some of the workers might have bee exposed. The prime contractor informed the subcontractor of the findings on July 3.

As the renovation work on the towers continues, the prime contractor says they will seek advice

from relevant authorities on how to proceed with the rest of the buildings under renovation in Camp Courtney.

Asbestos was discovered in the plumbing of the building. The contractor says that prior to the work the U.S. Military informed them that asbestos was used only in the construction of one of the buildings in the area. That led the subcontractor to wonder why only in one building although there are several similar ones and all were built about the same time. They pressed for an investigation, and as a result asbestos was found in at least one other building.

08:58 05 Mar , 2024