Festival offers kids grown up job experiences

Who as a kid didn’t at least once want to be a firefighter, or a professional decorator? That’s what kids speciaifically can try in this Itoman festival on July 13 & 14.

The Kids Job Simulated Experience Festival is something special, coming up a week from now at Itoman City.

The focus of the event is to offer hands-on experiences to children.

The purpose of the jobs festival is for children to experience various occupations virtually, and study what society is through a realistic economic activity, such as getting a “salary”, and getting a prize or receiving service, by working.  The festival runs 9:30 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. Saturday July 13th, and Sunday, July 14th, at the Nishizaki Athletic Park gymnasium at Nishizaki, Itoman City.

The event considers itself as the cause to fulfill dreams and hopes to the occupation, which children themselves want to take up in the future.  It also raises the feelings of gratitude for parents who work hard.  More than 20 job simulated experiences will be

The event also offers rides and other fun at the simultaneous;y held Itoman Hometown Festival.

available, while simultaneously the “Itoman Home Town Festival” will be carried out on the athletic field.  The Itoman Home Town Festival runs 5 ~ 9 p.m.  Organizes say the festival will be cancelled in the event of rain.

The festivals are free to enter; and once inside, a combination of both free job-simulated experiences and pay job simulated experiences will be available.

A whole host of simulated experiences will be available for differing age kids, including Fireman (Free / about 5~10 min/ Age 3~10), Hotel (¥300 / about 30 min / Age 5), Coast Guard Officer (Free / about 1~2 Hr / Age 5~), and Cleaning Expeditionary Party (Free / about 30 min / Age 5~).

Also on tap will be the art of making one’s Own Business Card (¥300 / about 30 min / Age 5~), how to be an Assistant to a Cartoonist (¥500 / about 30min / Age 5~), Making Original Rice Bowl (¥500 / about 30min / Age5~), Making Original Colorful Accessories (¥500 ~ 1,000 / about 15 min ), Test Riding Experience of a Solar Car (Free / about 5 min / Age 6~), Making one’s Own Solar Car (¥500 / about 45min / Age 6~),and Painting on Shisa Experience (¥1,000 / about 45 min) and more!!!

12:41 14 Jul , 2024