Ginowan Police nabs three for growing pot

Ginowan police has arrested three men on July 16, on suspicion of breaking the Cannabis Control Law.

25-year-old Masane Nakamura who works as a lifeguard, 26-year-old Hirotomo Aluge and his 25-year-old brother Akitaka, both part-time workers, were arrested after a tip by a neighbor.

All three live together in an apartment in Kitanakagusuku.

According to Ginowan police, Nakamura and Hirotomo Aluge have admitted to the charge, but Akitaka is denying it.

Police say when they raided the apartment, they found and confiscated 17 cannabis plants from the balcony, and 10 bags of cannabis leaves from the room.

Someone in the neighborhood had called the police saying there seemed to be something like cannabis plants growing on the balcony of the apartment.

02:28 28 Feb , 2024