Heat stroke kills elderly woman

The current heat wave is taking its toll. According to a June 27th announcement by Okinawa Prefecture health officials a woman in her 70’s died of an apparent heat stroke in Naha City, June 12.

The elderly woman was found in the living room of her house on same day, and already was in a cardiopulmonary arrest when she was taken to a hospital.

Health officials urge people to make sure they drink enough liquids to prevent a heat stroke. According to prefecture health care facilities that there has been already 96 cases of heat strokes reported by June 22. That is 1.7 times the number by the same date last year.

They say that the most important measure to prevent a heat stroke is controlling temperature and moisture, to be conscious of the need to frequently take in liquids, and to use an air conditioner or fan when indoors.

23:46 23 Jul , 2024