Heavy construction equipment mishap cuts phone lines

A power shovel tumbled down on a street from the pile of rubble of a house it was demolishing in Kohagura, Naha, cutting off telephone and internet lines, but no one was injured in the mishap.

A phone call to the general emergency number reported that a power shovel had fallen down and was leaking diesel fuel, July 8. According to Naha Fire Department that responded to the call, a work crew was in the process of demolishing a two-story concrete building, when a power shovel doing the job tumbled down on a street while navigating its way down the rubble of the building. The machine hit a utility pole that fell down cutting phone and internet lines to almost 100 households in the area. It also blocked off the street for almost five hours. A crew from the fire department mopped up the leaked fuel.

There were three workers at the site doing the work, but none of them, including the operator of the machine, was injured.

12:58 14 Jul , 2024