July 4 ~ 10


It seems that what you do in your love life is successful, although you may feel otherwise from time to time. But at those times, just take a break, and think carefully what you have to appreciate it. It could be tedious at work sometimes, but you are an asset. A party this weekend could cost you, but will turn out to be worth every penny.


This weekend promises to be very good for you. There will be many new opportunities coming up without you even making an effort, but you should work with your team to accomplish something more than you could do by yourself. You have exactly the energy and qualities that people around you need, so you should not miss the opportunity..


Your common sense is more reliable than your impulses, so make sure that you keep your head clear over the next week, and avoid making emotionally charged decisions. Make sure you share your energy with others, as your generous and nurturing spirit is what is needed. Do not hesitate to spread out your good ideas. Rewards come later.


Because of the influence of planet Venus, you may be in especially dreamy mood this weekend. But you should also be ready for a roller coaster ride as others may not share your enthusiasm, and trying to get people to jump on your bandwagon could be difficult to say the least. You should pay more attention to them and try to understand.


A natural cosmic cycle you’re currently moving through requires you to slow down and relax. Pay more attention to your spiritual life. You can expect your social life to continue to be very busy, but you should also reserve some time just for yourself. You also should think carefully with whom you actually would like to spend your time.


Pay extra attention to strengthening your social connections this weekend. Success and satisfaction come through keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, and that naturally leads to an improved social network. There could be a chance meeting of someone with whom you can connect instantly. But watch out for misunderstandings.


You are about to succeed in a process that is going to have a profound effect on your life in many different ways. This event is more connected to the coming fall, but you must prepare yourself already. Someone is also going to open up to you, and although you have understood some clear signals before, you have to listen to your heart on this.


It does not pay to be greedy at this time, even if a good opportunity opens up. A small detail can grow incredibly fast into a complex problem if wrong people find out about it. Perhaps you have to slow down and allow other people to catch up. Sometimes there can be too much good things, and it takes time for people to realize the facts.


Your joy and happiness are now tied tightly with your love life. That’s why you should shelter your most beloved memories deep in your heart. As a rule, you should not worry too much of completing everything in one day. Instead, you should concentrate on your feelings and relationships. Adopting a tender attitude would be a good start.


There have been many positive relationships in your social life lately, and if you are in a serious relationship, you should start thinking of taking that to a new level. There is a smile on your face as you anticipate the weekend, and there are some aspects that you would not switch with anything else. Lucky opportunities come through others.


The best time of this summer season is just starting, and you are ready for it. But if you are looking for a new love, that will take a little more time. In the meantime, you should not be shy. Express your feelings and moods. The more you share with others, the more they are encouraged to share their true feelings with you. Romance is in the air.


This weekend you are likely to get inspired about something new. Time will fly as you immerse yourself in your new idea, but you should watch for your money, and your temper. No one wants to have an argument with you, and there is no reason to get upset. Listen to what others have to say, and then analyze what the fuss is all about.

23:07 23 Jul , 2024