July 18 ~ 24


Are you ready to make changes regarding your future? Before you start, you have to make it clear to yourself where you are going and how you are going to get there. No matter how impatient and motivated you are with your plans, you must listen to people who have the experience and are ready to help. It’s the most important point for you now.


Although you would like to go somewhere exotic to enjoy your life, you may well have to be ready to think the second best alternative. If you would just like to get pampered, maybe the only thing you have to do is to ask for it. You probably have no idea how much people around you admire you, and are ready to please whenever you ask.


You could avoid a lot of frustration by showing your feelings more openly. Why would you pretend that everything pleases you? Others around you could really appreciate to know what you really think. At the same time, that would rid you of a mental load. You can still be tactful while being honest with people. Those are not opposites.


Do not make things too complicated. Walk ahead towards new winds in your life. If someone reminds you about some old problems, make it clear that you are interested only in the future. You own intuition combined with your smarts guarantee that you know the right direction and where you are going. But be honest with yourself.


You are under a lot of pressure to succeed, but something seems to be holding you back. Have your preparations been sufficient? You must have a good plan first based on all the facts you know in order for you to hit the ground running. People who have lent you a helping hand in the past will do it once more if you have the courage to ask.


It would be a good idea to exercise a little bit this weekend as that would help you to clear your thoughts. You can also expect to go through some strong emotions and passions in many areas of your life. Refuse to see things negatively, and make a real effort to give up your bad habits. Especially try to avoid a conflict with your boss at work.


Now is the time to stop passing the buck and see some real action for change. Once you get going others could also get motivated to produce something useful. You can also expect someone really close to you to tell you about his or her deepest thoughts. But beware of going along at full speed as your point of view could easily change soon.


There are all kinds of ideas and possibilities spinning your head, and it’s difficult to decide what is worth trying and what should be thrown away. You should think what a person you appreciate very much would do in your shoes. And although you should not make any hasty decisions just now, nothing stops you from planning for the future.


Is there something regarding your emotions that causes you stress? Although you have to restrain your words for now, you will soon see why silence is golden in this case. Confident attitude sends a positive signal to everyone around you. It pays to be patient at this time. The future will reveal itself a little bit this weekend.


People will reveal you secrets this weekend that will cause your feelings surface for everyone to see. Try to talk people about your needs and those feelings. If it seems that nobody listens or pays attention, you should concentrate on the basics. Sooner or later those who care for you are going to see your point and the reasoning behind it.


Something that happened just recently is occupying your mind to the extent that it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else. You have to be patient, and try to fix your attention to something completely different. Try to use your imagination and sense of humor in order to get rid of old routines. You have to set your goals to the future.


You would like to have some peace and quiet during the weekend, but your friends and relatives think otherwise, and are about to spoil your carefully laid plans. It is much better for you to leave any decisions and even comments about your future to next week when peace returns. At least you are then much calmer even if not any wiser.

10:03 18 Jul , 2024