Hula Dance Festival slated for Miyako island

The 1st All Japan Hula Dance Festival in Okinawa prefecture, “The Kagimana Hula in Miyako 2013” will be held September 20, and 21on Miyako island.

The executive committee of the event was established on June 26 at Miyakojima City City Hall, and committee subsequently announced the event plan to the public.

Its an event designed to promote Miyako Island to the rest of Japan in the spirit of hula. The main venue of the event will be Ingya Marine Garden in the Gusukube district of the island, but events are also planned to take place at other locations in Miyakojima City over two days.

At the event, some 200 hula dancers show their skills in various forms of hula, with awards in different categories. Hawaian live music and hula practice sessions are planned, too.

The word “Kagimana” is created from the combination of words “Kagi,” Miyako dialect for “beautiful,” and “Mana” meaning “sprit” or “soul” in Hawaian language.

Year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Miyako and Maui islands tying up as sister communities, and they are starting this annual project to cerebrate the occasion from this year.

23:50 22 Jul , 2024