Irrigation worries in Miyako

JA Miyakojima and Miyakojima City officials’ had a meeting on measures against dry weather that took place July 19, at Miyakojima City Hall.

Participants to the meeting decided to start irrigation support for farmers from July 24, because rainfall has been very limited on the island this summer. The meeting decided to start accepting applications from local farmers immediately, and begin the irrigation support for farmers who don’t have their own irrigation systems first. The meeting identified 30 areas where they decided to supply nine truckloads of water to each farmer. Water for irrigation is taken from the Miyakojima City water facility or the local sugar factory.

On Miyako Island it’s not only dry weather that is causing problems but there is also salt damage from typhoon Soulik that hit the island recently, and the city staff is already watering fields near the ocean in order to remove salt.

Miyako Island farmers have suffered from the exceptionally dry weather this year, and even the powerful typhoon Soulik did not bring much relief in the form of precipitation. That has local farmers and Miyako JA concerned about this year’s agricultural crops.

22:05 22 Jul , 2024