Motobu Summer Festival opens at noon Saturday

Motobu Summer Festival focuses mostly on local entertainment including Eisa.

An afternoon festival featuring music, sweets, sports and martial arts, the Motobu Summer Festival, kicks off at noon Saturday.

Entertainment includes live music performances.

Admission is free for the typical local summer festival. Various events will be carried out in this festival such as an Okinawan folk song show, sweet adzuki [red-bean] soup with pieces of rice cake quick drinking competition, a kick and shoot sandal competition, and an Aikido martial art performance.  The festival, which also includes events performed by local residents such as the Okinawan Eisa show and a Children drum show, runs through Saturday evening at the Motobu Town Market.

A Special Okinawa folk song show will start at 7:30 p.m. Registration for participating the sweet adzuki [red-bean] soup with pieces of rice cake quick drinking competition or the kick and shoot sandal competition will take place at the entrance. This is an optimal summer festival for enjoying local atmosphere in Okinawa, at a slow and leisurely pace together with a family and friends.

23:02 23 Jul , 2024