Naha City councilors election

The Naha City councilors’ election was held last Sunday, July 21, the same day as the nationwide Japan House of Councilors election.

The vote count started on the same day and 40 successful candidates were determined by midnight of 22nd. In the election, 26 candidates supporting the current city administration were elected, eleven seats went to administration’s opponents, and three elected councilmen report as independents.

That means that the pro-administration parties got more than half of the seats, which signals a good start for the new term of the city government of Naha Mayor Takeshi Onaga.

Just over 60% of eligible voters cast their ballots in the election marking the first time that the rate has exceeded 60% in 20 years. Another welcome first is that six female councilors were elected, which is the highest number of female councilors in Naha ever. Seven of 18 first-time candidates won a seat.

In the final tally, pro-administration parties lost one seat, while opposition parties managed to add three seats to their pre-election strength. Independents also have now one seat less than before.

00:11 23 Jul , 2024