Parking lot for over 1,000 cars opens at Naha Shintoshin

The Tokyo-based Japan Parking Co., which is specializing in running hourly parking businesses opened a huge parking lot in Omoromachi, Naha, on July 1st. The site was used for a temporary Naha City office before the new Naha City Hall in Kumoji was opened.

The new parking lot has space for a maximum of 1,044 cars. With its 24,000 square meters it’s the largest flat type parking space in Okinawa. It’s open 24 hours a day and costs ¥100 per hour but the maximum fee is ¥400 for a whole day. It also offers monthly parking spots for ¥8,500.

The coin operated parking accepts also Edy electric money as a form pf payment. Customers can apply for a monthly contract through the company’s official web site and pay with a credit card.  The monthly parking space comes available 10 days after the execution of the contract.

The Japan Parking Co. operates 602 lots throughout Japan, and they say it is rare that a flat type parking is available for more than 1,000 cars.

The company is also running parking lots in the basement of Naha City Hall, Kokusai Street and Higashimachi. The Omoromachi parking is their fourth parking lot in Okinawa.

Japan Parking Co. President Masahiko Okamoto says “Okinawa has one of the highest car ownership rates in Japan, and a lot more parking space is still needed. We plan to expand our service in Okinawa considerably in the future.”

11:21 18 Jul , 2024