Robbery attempt in Naha

A would-be robber entered into an Internet cafe in Kohagura, Naha City, about 5 a.m., on July 21.

The man had covered his face with a mask and towel, and threatened the staff at a knifepoint demanding money. But when the staff members refused to give him money and told him to stop such an act, the would-be robber lost nerve and ran away without getting anything.

Naha Police are now investigating the incident, and searching for the man. No one was harmed in the robbery attempt.

According to investigators, the culprit looked to be 20~40 of age, about 160 cm tall, and chubbily built. He wore a blue top and brown pants.

The Internet cafe is located on Kohagura Street in the Kohagura district of Naha City, and is open 24 hours a day. There were two staff members and some customers in the café at the time, but none of the customers noticed the robbery attempt.

10:29 05 Mar , 2024