Skymark starts three new routes connecting Ishigaki

Low cost carrier Skymark inaugurated three new routes connecting Ishigaki to Naha, Narita and Kobe on Jul. 10. This is the first time ever the airline has inaugurated three separate routs on the same day.

The fares between Naha and Ishigaki will be set between ¥3,900 and ¥5,000 one way, and Skymark President Shinichi Nishikubo says that the carrier intends to keep the fares at least the next two years into the future. The airline will fly the Naha-Ishigaki route four round trips each day.

The once a day trip between Ishigaki and Narita will cost ¥12,800 to ¥18,800 one way, and similarly once a day flight between Ishigaki and Kobe is priced between ¥12,800 and ¥17,800. All routes use Boeing 737-800 aircraft that has a capacity of 177 passengers.

Nishikubo sees the prices as reasonable for Ishigaki residents who have had thus far to fly via Naha to reach mainland destinations, and will also attract travelers from mainland to Ishigaki.

Ishigaki Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama says the transportation is a big issue for island residents, and welcomes the reasonable fares. “Even on Okinawa main island, there are many people who have not been to Ishigaki before, and this setting makes is easy for them to visit Ishigaki,” he says.

00:13 23 Jul , 2024