Two kickboxing events rule upcoming Tenkaichi

Amateur rule fights at the July 7 Tenkaichi fighting event start at 4 p.m. followed by pro rule fights at 5 p.m.

Tenkaichi Super Fight Sunday on July 7th promises to be interesting with a pair of main bouts centered on kickboxing rules, both championship matches recognized by Japan Kickboxing Innovation (JKI).

Okinawa lightweigh champ Yuma

One main event is a lightweight class semifinal, with a fighter, Yuma, the Okinawan lightweight class champion and JKI Lightweight 4th contender. It is said that Yuma is the strongest fighter of the class in Okinawa. The other fighter is from Osaka. Hiroto Yamaguchi is the champion of the under 65kg class on MMA rules, and JKI lightweight number 2 contender. He is on the top of under 65kg class on MMA rules in Kansai region, so the match is formed as the strongest kick boxer in Okinawa versus the strongest kick boxer in Kansai. The winner of the match will challenge the champion of the class.

The other main event is the first match of the tournament of the feather weight class. Fighter Maki won in two weight divisions in Okinawa, the bantamweight class and the featherweight class, and is the 1st contender of the class in Okinawa, and the 10th contender of the class in JKI.  Maki will fight with Atom Yamada.

Hiroto from Osaka faces Yuma at Tenkaichi fighting event.

Atom Yamada is former WMAF world champion on Super Featherweight class; he won in two weight divisions in Japan, the bantamweight class and the featherweight class, and is the JKI 6th contender of the class now. Atom Yamada is taking this 3rd match as a comeback for him.  He is ranked higher than his opponent, and the match will be a hard fight, but if he wants to be champion of the class, he has to win the match.

Other matches are also promising to be colorful. The Championship match tournament’s semi-final in the Middleweight class will be held, and Yabiku, the first contender of the class in Okinawa will fight with Makachokei who is the 2nd contender of the class in Okinawa. The winner will be able to challenge to the champion of the class, Hiroto. The champion, Hiroto is the Japan kickboxing champion and was Muay Thai champion of the class in last event, so he is currently the strongest fighter in Japan not only in kickboxing also in Muay Thai.

The featherweight class championship match tournament in MMA rules will be held, too.  Four fighters will take on each other. One of them is Brazilian,

Maki is a two-class champion.

Another Brazilian fighter from Nagoya will appear on the welterweight class ranking match, giving the spectators a chance to see their real Brazilian Jiujutsu!

This time there will also be a boxing rules special fight. An American military fighter who is an amateur boxer with 15 wins against one defeat will fight on pro-boxing rules. The fight on pro rules is a first for him.

“MMA, kickboxing, and boxing, you can see three kinds of martial arts fights in one night!  Especially, kickboxing lovers must see the matches!” the head of Wild SeaSar, the promoter of the event, Shiko Tomaru said.

Announcements are in English at each match, so everybody can enjoy watching the matches without confusion or misunderstandings about what’s happening.

The event will be held on Sunday, July 7th,  at Music

Atom Yamada is a former WMAF world champion on Super Featherweight class.

Town Sound Market 3F in Okinawa City. Doors Open at 3:30 p.m. with a challenge matches under amateur rule fights starting at 4 p.m.  The Super fight, pro rule fights, will start at 5 p.m. Tickets are available at Okinawa Market at Park Avenue in Okinawa City.

Okinawa Market is located in Chuo Park Avenue. Enter to the avenue, go straight and you can find the shop on your left before the first traffic signal.

Tenkaichi Super Fight tickets’ for SRS seats are \5,500 ($55), RS seats \4,500 ($45) and general seats \3,500 ($35). Information is available at Okinawa Market, (098) 989-0071.

13:20 14 Jul , 2024