Water accidents at Onna village

There were two separate water-related accidents in Onna village on July 7, in which one person died and one remains unconscious in a hospital.

74-year-old Tsutomu Marugame from Osaka was found dead floating on the ocean at a private beach in Onna Village by his family, after he went swimming. He was immediately taken to a hospital by a rescue team, but was confirmed dead about an hour later. Marugame had come to Okinawa with his family for sightseeing.

Also, another man was found floating on the ocean lifeless by his family at the Yafuso district of Onna Village in the morning of the same day. A rescue team tool him immediately to a hospital in a cardiopulmonary arrest. Doctors in the hospital managed to recover him from the cardiopulmonary arrest, but he still remains unconscious in the hospital.

Ishikawa Police is investigating the cause of both accidents.

12:54 14 Jul , 2024