White Beach opens gates for Summer Festa

The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force brings a wide array of their equipment, including helicopters, for visitors to take a close look.

The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force’s Summer Festival takes place Saturday on the U.S. Navy base at White Beach, with the entire Okinawa community invited to enjoy the fun.

The annual festival runs 9 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. Saturday.  Admission is free.  Picture identification is required for entry; only Japanese nationals and U.S. family register holders are admitted. Pets are prohibited, and possession of alcohol and dangerous objects are forbidden. The festival takes place at the Maritime Self Defense Forces Okinawa Base / U.S. Navy White Beach.

Visitors flock onboard a JMSDF cruiser moored at White Beach for the festival day.

Boat cruises are available for elementary school children and older, while other attractions include a general MSDF equipment exhibition, restaurants and food booths. The White Beach pool will be open for visitors to this festival. All visitors can inspect a helicopter, a battleship, and other JMSDF military equipment not normally accessible by civilians.

13:22 14 Jul , 2024