Yomitan is going to be biggest village in Japan

The current biggest town or village in Japan, Takizawa Village in Iwate Prefecture, which boasts a population of 54,900 will become Takizawa City from Jan. 1st , 2014, according to the July 9 announcement by the Iwate Prefecture Assembly.

The resolution will be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which will the officially notice the municipality some time in August.

That will make Yomitan Village in Okinawa that currently has the second largest population in Japan number one. Yomitan Village now has an official population of 40,848 people.

Takizawa is famous for being the biggest village in Japan, and been actively selling that image, but they now think that changing itself into a city makes its health and human services stronger, and also enhances their administrative functions.

Takuya Tasso the governor of Iwate Prefecture gave the document certification on the change to Norihide Yanagimura, the mayor of Takizawa village. Yanagimura says “We’ll be able to develop our village autonomy and become a happier city.”

Takizawa Village has been able to increase its population lately because it is the one of the big bed towns of Morioka City, the capital of Iwate Prefecture.

00:10 24 Jul , 2024