Aug 8 ~ 14


You should not believe everything you hear, especially this weekend. People around you don’t necessarily want to tell what they really have in mind. Remember that not everyone I as straightforward and fair as you. Maybe you should postpone any important decisions until you are clear where everyone is and where they are going.


It’s very likely that you are facing some quite drastic changes in your life situation. An exceptional opportunity is about to open up. It could be an adventure of your lifetime, or an exciting new relationship. Something that has kept you back is no more a factor. Your original plan is the right way to look ahead and prepare for the future.


You can’t expect to get everything no matter how many promises and assurances you have got. Keeping you feet firmly to the ground is the best way to keep excessive optimism in check. Get rid of people who keep you from your potential, or just create bad mood. You should concentrate on everything that makes you happy and satisfied.


This time you could feel like you are a fish out of pond. However, your worries are mostly without basis, and it’s more likely that you only need a change in your surroundings for a while. You are missing new fresh winds in your life to replace the old routines. Finding the company of positively thinking people could do wonders to your mood.


Do you feel a bit cranky? Try to be as diplomatic as you can be, and keep a little lower profile for a few days in order to avoid unnecessarily disturbing everyone else around you. Maybe you feel that there’s someone who is not doing his or her fair share towards a common goal. Open your mouth, and tell everyone about your concerns.


You may be concerned about negative comments that someone close to you has made. However, by the weekend you will notice that you pay more attention to your successes that your failures, and your positive mood is going to increase as the time goes by. Think carefully why would you allow someone to have too much influence on your mood.


There’s something regarding yourself that is troubling you, but you don’t seem to be able to get a handle on that. That is a signal that tells you it’s the right time to make positive changes in your life style. You should put your own piece of mind to the forefront. Right now, you likely see yourself through someone else’s eyes. You have to change that.


This week you should concentrate on activities that excite you. You should enjoy your weekend to the fullest in the company of those you love most. Let your imagination and creativity to run free. The world is full of possibilities. Relaxing helps you to concentrate your thoughts, and helps you to take a softer look on your life in general.


You have tried to impress a certain person lately, but his has been mostly a waste of time and money. You should think why you do so, and you also must be honest with yourself. Is this person going to make you happy? Would it be better to change the course and start something from the beginning. Before all, you should trust to be yourself.


A change for the sake of a change is only useful when it results in something new and positive. It could be a good idea for you to take a close look at your lifestyle, but first you have to thing carefully what is it that you want. You may make a mistake of regarding a romantic gesture by someone as a sign of mere friendship, so you must pay attention.


We all want to be popular, but not at any price. Someone is trying to press you to become something that you are not. Think this from every aspect, what is good and what is bad, and then you can make your own decision. You should focus your energy to projects that your efforts really can result in a meaningful change.


Do you feel that someone is trying to influence your decisions?  Maybe that’s exactly what you want. At least that would allow you to put the blame on others when things go haywire. But by taking the responsibility of your own actions will grown you self confidence, and you will be able to accomplish more than you can even believe.


13:54 25 May , 2024