And this week’s winner is…

This week’s winner of JU raffle is Polly Shafer who hails from a small town in Arkansas and has lived on Okinawa about one and half years. She is scheduled to be here until 2014.

Polly won two tickets to the House of Yubikiri, a Japanese-style haunted house currently open to public in the Ashibinaa Outlet Mall in Tomigusuku. That’s just in time to get some cold shivers going down on one’s spine during h hottest time of the year.

She says that her life on the island has been great. “This has been an awesome experience, and I’m really enjoying all the beautiful beaches of Okinawa,” she saus. She also enjoys Coco’s Curry that has become her favorite local dish, and one she suspects she’s going to miss after she moves on.

But although she has been able to see much of the island during her stay, there’s still on event she says she wants to see before leaving. “I absolutely want to see Okinawan bullfight. I have heard a lot of it, and I want to experience that in person,” she concludes.

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19:10 14 Jul , 2024