Highest temperature ever recorded on Okinawa

Japan continues to swelter under the relentless summer sun that has this year set new records in many regions, including Okinawa.

According to the Okinawa Metrological Agency, the highest temperature ever on Okinawa main island was recorded at the Itokazu district of Nanjo City on Aug. 7 when the mercury soared to 36.1 degrees centigrade (97ºF).

The record ties the highest ever recorded within the prefecture, which was observed on Jul. 8, 2012 in the Ibaruma district of Ishigaki Island. The records have been kept since 1977.

The highest temperature ever officially recorded in Japan was the 41ºC in Shimanto City in Kochi Prefecture observed on Aug. 12 this year.

The recent heat waves have hit western Japan, including Okinawa, particularly hard because a high-pressure system in the Pacific is stretching westward, according to meteorologists.

  • oldvarick

    Uh, the United States has maintained weatherstations since they “arrived” in 1945. How is that temperature records only go back to 1977?

    • rainwash

      Because the US is not the Okinawa Meteorological Agency.

      Read the article next time.

      • oldvarick

        I read the article idiot. So the Japanese contend there was no weather before 1977 because they didn’t keep records. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

01:38 22 May , 2024