Aug 15 ~ 21


The moon is the source or energy at this time, and it emphasizes the meaning of romance, and closeness of loved ones. Maybe you have made up your mind that this is a good time to move forward with a relationship, but what direction are you going to take? If your decision is a correct one, there is no hesitation. But if you hesitate, you should think twice.


An unnoticed meting at your work place could result in a promotion to you. But you should not boast about it in front of your colleagues. It would be unpleasant to be a target of envious gossip. You should maximize the possibilities that a new friend can offer. It is very flattering that someone has gone into trouble to find about you in advance.


You are full of energy, almost like you’d like to re-live your youth again. You would like to do everything that you used to enjoy. But as it’s next to impossible to roll back the years, you should seek the companionship of children and younger people, so you can share their enthusiasm. Free your mind from unnecessary shackles, and look for a romance.


Taking care of yourself and investing in your home are the two things that should be on the forefront just now. If you want to accomplish something important, you should be both enthusiastic and determined at the same time. Do not think that other people know what you have in your mind without telling them. You should also listen to the voice in your heart.


You should bank on quality time with your family and friends. You will notice how much those around you value the time you give them. Helping others gives you a purpose in your life, and satisfies your desires. The warm glow of your love will stay on forever as long as you two do things together. But don’t forget to tell your feelings aloud from time to time, too.


At this time you should pay special attention to your money. Taking firm hand on potential problems now will spare you from bigger trouble in the future. Thriftiness is the key. There’s someone who admires your stance on life, and would like to get to know you better. It’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to concur with this wish.


You have a special spark in your eyes that could be the result of an encounter you had recently. How’s this going to develop in the future? You can influence in that more than you could guess, so you should trust in yourself and ask an important question. You should also get others to talk more about their dreams and wishes. A better understanding would result.


You are very optimistic at this time and see your future confidently. You can’t go back in time and change something but you can learn from the experience, and then be done with it. Be careful with your money. People can be very unreliable, especially when you don’t expect that to happen. Do not let others to talk you into changing your mind.


The presence of your family and friends will lead you to understand how important it is to have strong relationships with people who are closest to you. This kind of cooperation will bring you plenty of significant advantages. Although you may feel this is the right time to start an adventure, you should stay firm on your principles, and not chance them on a whim.


You are going to meet someone or have a discussion that is going to be a start of a new chance. You should not wallow on what could go wrong, but instead try to see the bright side of the situation. Having a negative stance could cost you dearly. You should follow your intuition when someone asks you to do something very challenging or risky.


If you are about to take a trip, you should be prepared to a delay or last minute changes. Utilizing your free time for example to learn a new language, or starting a new hobby could be a very rewarding and entertaining idea. You social life is going to experience a renaissance over the weekend. That’s why you should keep an open mind when meeting new people.


Money and love are going to be the two topics this weekend. Maybe you can combine these two when your lover is asking your help. Think carefully if you go shopping. Otherwise you could encounter a serious case of buyer’s regret. But a heavy burden will be lifted from your heart when you are finally able to make an important decision regarding your work.

00:56 21 May , 2024