Aug 22 ~ 28


You love life is proceeding to the direction you wish it would go. Just being together could be the jewel in the crown this time, and enough to make you happy. You have to tell your partner about your feelings and intentions. In this way you can make sure that there are no misunderstandings in the coming weeks.


There are many rumors going around, but you should not believe even half of them. Maybe there’s someone who tries to make you envious of something. The company of children of different ages would help you to see things from more than one perspective. People will listen to your advice, and respect your ideas.


Ideas of young people will be the source of your inspiration, too, especially at work. It is not easy to match your income and expenses, but you should put some extra effort into managing your money. Some visitors could be hard to tolerate, but maybe you need a favor from them some day in the future.


A vacation would refresh you up even if it’s only for a couple of days. Your body and soul need both peace and stimulus. It’s also important to be close to your friends and family at this time. There’s a young person with whom you need to be patient. If you are, there’s a remarkable reward waiting for you.


Your romantic side is in the bloom, and you know instinctively how to nurture the relationship with your lover. You’ll find every answer to questions that you have in your mind from your lover’s lips. The next few days could be hard at your work, so its important that you pay attention to relaxation.


Someone is going to make a seemingly friendly comment to you, but that will make you think. The situation seems promising, but you can approach it from many angles. If you choose the easiest route, you could lose an opportunity to achieve something remarkable. You need faith and trust when you proceed.


You are noticing progress in your life, but only in small steps. Hard work begins to show results, but you have to be patient. Loving and gentle attitude can often reolve the hardest of situations. Seeing that you can reach your goals will give your confidence a great boost, and that will inspire you even more.


Listen carefully what people say, but do not believe everything that you hear. There’s someone who professes making you a great favor, but is actually benefiting mostly him or herself. At work something unusual could happen, and you could meet a person who’s very interested in you. It’s entirely up to you to go further.


Do not lose your goals when things at your work start going better. You have to make sure to yourself what you want, but you also have to be ready to tell others, why you should get what you want. The focus is on your friendships and love life, but keep an eye on your money when the level of excitement rises.


Next week is going to be anything but boring. Many opportunities will come up, but you need help from your friends and family. Although you might want to do everything yourself, caring and cooperation work to both directions. That’s why you must ensure that everyone does their part. There’s no free lunch here.


Your money troubles seem to be heading towards a solution, as the stance of a person who has put pressure on you is easing up somewhat. Also, your family and friends are lending a helping hand. But you have to explain them first what you need and expect from them, so they can be of assistance.


Take good care of your personal data, and especially your passwords. If someone ties to make life miserable to you or to one of your loved ones, remember that a group has more power than any single member alone. Make sure you pay attention to the small print in all contracts involving money.

11:56 15 Apr , 2024