Ishigaki inaugurates free public Wi-Fi

In order to help visitors better find their way on Ishigaki Island, the Ishigaki City has started a project to install a Wi-Fi network that first covers the main tourist locations and later will be expanded to cover most of the island.

Ishigaki’s free Wi-Fi is now available in the lobby of the Ishigaki Airport, the Ferry Terminal, the city center, and the Kabira Tourist Area. The city is also planning to expand the range for free Wi-Fi in the future.

The service is available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Ishigaki City has also developed a free smart phone app, “Ishigaki Island Tour Navi” or “石垣島観光ナビ”. You can find all kinds of information on tourist spots on Ishigaki through this app. It’s a navigation app, which can guide visitors to tourist spots they want to visit via GPS. The app also includes a stamp rally.

17:14 17 Apr , 2024