Jet Star air tickets available at Lawson

The low cost carrier Jet Star Japan celebrates its first anniversary of starting Jet Star aviation business in Japan, and celebrates the occasion by starting a new service where customers can now purchase Jet Star tickets at Lawson convenience stores throughout all of Japan.

It’s the first time in Japan that customers can book and purchase the flight tickets at a convenience store. There are 10,071 Lawson stores throughout Japan, and at any Lawson that has a ticket machine called Loppi, a customer can purchase a Jet Star flight tickets. The tickets must be purchased at least six hours before the flight, anytime at shops that are open 24 hours.

To make a reservation and purchase a ticket, the customer chooses a destination, and the number of passengers through the Loppi monitor, then inputs his or her phone number and email address in the machine. The maximum number to book one time is 12 passengers. Loppi charges a service fee of ¥630 per each person for the service. After the input all required information, the machine prints a booking sheet, and the customer pays at the Lawson counter. The payment is only in cash.

08:42 30 May , 2024