OTS makes improvements to foreign visitor services

In order to improve services to the increasing number of foreign visitors to Okinawa, Okinawa Tourist Service (OTS) has installed an automated currency exchange machine in its main office on Kokusai Street in Matsuo, Naha City. The machine exchanges U.S. dollars, Euros and Chinese yuan to Japanese yen.

The same OTS Matsuo branch office has also opened a manned counter where they accept 33 different currencies that customers can exchange to Japanese yen..

The company plans to install a similar exchange machine in its Rinku Toyosaki branch near Naha airport, which also serves many foreign visitors.

The second floor of OTS Matsuo branch will be renovated into a “Tourist Lounge” where tourists, both domestic and foreign, can choose and book various sightseeing tours.

19:44 16 Apr , 2024