Some people like it hot

The current intense heat wave that’s recently been baking Okinawa has been a boon to local shops selling drought management items and heat fighting products.

A DIY shop in Okinawa reports selling big water tanks at a rate 2.5 times more than last year. The most popular sizes are 300 and 500-liter tanks because they fit on the rear bed of a mini truck.

Sunshades for house entrances or windows are popular, too.

Salt is another product that has been selling very well this year. Usually the period from June through August is the best selling season for salt, but this year much more salt is sold than before mostly because it’s used in processed foods like candies or drinks.

Ice cream sales is also faring fine, Blue Seal says its sales and number of customers are higher than last year.

05:47 17 Apr , 2024