Typhoon brings much needed rain to Miyako

The 12th typhoon of the season hit Miyako Island last week, but instead of complaining about damage to their crops, farmers in Miyako welcomed the typhoon and the rain it brought to the island. Miyako, and Ishigaki islands have suffered from prolonged drought this years that has caused much damage, especially to vegetable crops.

Gusukube district recorded 47mm rainfall just in one hour starting 6 a.m. on August 21. All other areas on the island also got heavy rain on the same day.

Farmers on Miyako were pleased, and said it was a true blessing. According to the metrological agency of the Miyako Island, Gusukube received a total of 142 mm of rainfall on Aug. 21. On Tarama Island the rainfall was 117 mm, and 103 mm on Simoji island, between the midnight of the 19th and 6 p.m. on the 21st. Some sugarcane fields in Gusukube were submerged.

Because of the rain, Miyako Island officials cancelled the night-time water outage that had been enforced since August 1st.

10:17 30 May , 2024