Yamato Transport starts overnight service to Asia

Yamato Transport is starting an overnight international delivery service to Hong Kong and other Asian destinations from October. According to a company spokesman, the overnight service is possible using Okinawa as the international hub.

According to Yamato Transport, it’s possible to deliver goods overnight, including fresh food, from mainland Japan or Okinawa via Okinawa Airport to customers in Asian countries.

Before the service becomes available for public in general, Rakuten, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Japan and Yahoo Hong Kong have already started it as a test. In the future, Yamato plans to expand the service to Taiwan, Singapore and other Asian destinations.

One prefecture official says that as products from all over Japan are brought to Okinawa for shipping to Asian destinations, it could create food processing or parts assembly businesses here, and thus improve local employment.

10:49 15 Apr , 2024