Yanbaru Youth Eisa Festival runs Sunday

Yanbaru Eisa Festival entertains on Sunday evening at Motobu’s Tancha Park.

A typical Okinawan Bon festival complete with sanshin, Japanese drums, singing and Eisa dance is slated for Tancha Park in Motobu on Sunday.

Also known as a Lantern Festival, as originally Eisa was a traditional performing art danced in Okinawa Prefecture at the time of the Bon (Lantern) Festival, it takes place according to the lunar calendar.  This year’s Yanbaru Youth Eisa Festival will be postponed to Sunday, August 25th, if it rains.  The free festival runs 1 p.m. ~ 10 p.m. at Tancha Park, 446-2 Tancha, in Motobu.  There’s a free parking lot that can accommodate about 50 cars nearby.

It was in Motobu, where the Eisa is inherited, and from where the young men’s associations took the lead taking it to all areas throughout Okinawa. The sound of nightly Eisa practice sessions can be heard from public halls, and it has become a true symbol of Okinawan summer. This event also includes children’s Eisa show.

There are also live performances of Okinawan folk songs, as well as various musical programs, in addition to Eisa.

And as is the case with almost all summer festivals on the island, many interesting stalls will be open serving food and drinks.

This festival features not only local Motobu neighborhoods, but many participants from across Okinawa.

12:50 14 Jul , 2024