Academic achievement of Okinawa kids is near bottom

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the results of the Japan-wide Academic Aptitude Test that was held in April this year.

In the test, the average score of all public junior high schools in Okinawa was the worst in all of Japan, and two subjects for the elementary school students were in the second worst place, while another two were in the worst place.

Regarding junior high school student scores, Okinawan students have scored the worst for six consecutive years in Japan since the survey began in 2007.

Okinawan students scored almost 10 points worse than average in Japan for junior high school, and some four points worse than Japan average for elementary school students.

A total 156 junior high schools and 15,069 students, and 262 primary schools and 15,918 students took part in the survey from Okinawa.

15:11 04 Mar , 2024