And this week’s winner is…

Natalia won the Japan Update weekly raffle just in time to go and see the Yubikiri Haunted House in Ashibinaa Outlet Mall in Tomigusuku. The haunted house closed last weekend after a very successful run that attracted more than 30,000 people to see it during the three months it was scaring the people at the mall.

Natalia is from Puerto Rico, which is a bit similar tropical island to Okinawa. She has lived on Okinawa a little over a year, and will stay until 2016.

She describes her life on the island as “relaxing.”

“I like the slow pace, safety and culture here,” she says. She is also interested in all kinds of local events and takes part in as many activities as she can. Her favorite local foods are ramen and soba.

Before leaving Japan she would like to find time to go visit Kyoto, of which she has heard many positive comments from friends who have been there.

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04:36 15 Jun , 2024