Bidding to start for reclaimed land off Camp Kinser

According to a public announcement, Sep. 3, Urasoe City is starting to process the protocol to sell the reclaimed land between Camp Kinser and the ocean, where a construction work of a new road is currently going on. The project is called “the 1st Stage of the Western Coast Development.”

The sale was scheduled to start in February, but the mayoral election of Urasoe City in February brought a new mayor in the office, and he stopped the project for 3 months. The project envisions creating an artificial beach at the second stage area next to the first stage area, and the plan has been stalled because of the new mayor’s policies. However, now the land sale is proceeding even in such uncertain conditions.

Urasoe City seems to have notified of this land sales promotion in an English language pamphlet and on its website in late September, and is starting to accept offers from early October.

The selection of successful bidders is scheduled to take place by May 2014. The plan calls for selling the land of the 1st stage as just one package, meaning one buyer for all of the land. The selling price is ¥50,000 per square meter, and the total price is ¥4,277,370,000.

Urasoe City plans call for building a hotel, theme park and a commercial facility on the land. After signing the contract, the developer cannot change the purpose of the land use or resell the land for 10 years.

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19:29 16 Apr , 2024