Children learn soccer techniques from professionals

FC Ryukyu soccer coaches and players gathered on Sep. 16 at Okinawa City Stadium for the “Ryukyu Shinpo presents Kid’s Soccer Caravan” event.

A total of 60 children from Uruma City Katsuren FC, Taba FC, Fuerza FC and Chatan City FC Kitatama attended the event. School coach Fumihiro Maetsu and FC Ryukyu players, including Minoru Matsumoto and five others, coached the children.

The children were divided in four groups, learning a few moves from their professional coaches like bouncing the ball with their feet and trying to control the ball instead of just kicking it.

A member from Fuerza FC said with great satisfaction, “We did some tricks I had never done before, but by practicing I was able to do it. I learned a lot of techniques from the professional players.”

14:25 04 Mar , 2024